Please find below some testimonials from patients treated in the clinic:

  • Camilla, Petersfield – “Louise is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I have seen many clinicians over the years, but was very impressed by her attention, skill and care. Excellent physiotherapist!
    Thanks Louise.”
  • Emilia, Petersfield – “I am a mum of 3 and a qualified medical doctor. Louise has now helped me on two separate occasions with shoulder related symptoms. She is both extremely knowledgeable and kind. She really wants to help her patients and understands which exercises can be realistically incorporated into a busy lifestyle and how to make these part of daily life. In addition to effectively treating my symptoms, Louise has really helped me understand the underlying causes of my problems (work posture, driving, lifting my toddler) so that not only has this episode now been successfully treated but I also have the practical knowledge to try to prevent further episodes. Louise has a huge amount of experience, is extremely caring and conscientious and I really cannot recommend her highly enough.”
  • Gavin, Petersfield – Louise expertly fixed some lower back pain that I had been suffering with for a couple of years. She was utterly professional and clearly demonstrated a great deal of knowledge and experience in her field. It was always a pleasure attending her physio sessions and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her clinic.”
  • Janice, Petersfield – “Louise cares deeply for her patients wellbeing. In the past three years her expert advice, in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm has resulted in improved mobility in my arthritic knee, allowing me to remain physically active.
    I would happily recommend.”
  • Jessica, Petersfield – “Louise has a huge amount of experience & has been a tremendous help to me both with physio and acupuncture. She is always professional, conscientious & very encouraging. I will not hesitate to return if or when I need help again and I highly recommend her skills.”
  • Joanne, Alton – “I have been visiting Louise for about 6 months now and have really valued every session. Louise listens to your needs, works hard to understand your goals and puts you at ease. She goes the extra mile to give you advice, equipment and ideas to help in between appointments too. I would recommend louse wholeheartedly to anyone with a specific issue or injury but also from a wellbeing point of view too. An outstanding professional with a kind and caring approach.
  • Maggie, Petersfield – Louise has been helping me to overcome a painful neck and upper back problem. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is always friendly, caring and professional. She takes a genuine interest and her encouragement and conscientious approach are extremely reassuring, as is the extent of her knowledge!  Louise has introduced me to acupuncture which she has used along side physiotherapy with amazing results. In addition to my treatment she has gone to a lot of trouble to explain exercises which I’ve used between appointments, giving me relief and helping my recovery.  Thank you Louise!
  • Melissa, Alton – “Louise has completely cured my chronic tennis elbow using her magic touch and acupuncture.  When I first came to her I was unable to even hold a racket, now I am back on the tennis court 3 times a week!   She has also helped my husband with his back pain.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Thank you Louise!”
  • Paul, Alton – Louise has helped me with two medical conditions over the past few years. The most recent treatment combined physio and acupuncture. She is kind and welcoming, immediately putting you at ease. The physio and acupunture treatments have been very relaxing and extremely successful in treating my condition. Louise takes a real interest in her patients and is always willing to offer advice on suitable exercises. She explains the underlying physiology which I found very helpful. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much!
  • Roger, Alton – “I have been visiting Louise for acupuncture treatment for several years and she is always so professional in her manner but more importantly the results are outstanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending Louise to a friend or whatever.”
  • Sue, Midhurst – I’ve had two injuries in the last few years that Louise has treated me for. She’s always been professional, welcoming and friendly. Even though I haven’t always stuck to the exercises she’s advised (laziness on my part) she’s been essential in my recovery journey. She’s helped me physically but has also gently supported me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Louise