Initial assessment appointment – 70 minutes – £77.00:

  • There are forms to complete before the appointment which include consent to treatment, signing the privacy policy (see last page), medical history and outcome measures
  • The appointment itself will start with a medical history check, and then a detailed discussion of the current problem.
  • There will then be a comprehensive physical assessment of the area affected and any other areas which may be contributing to the problem.
  • A treatment plan will be agreed, which will include advice and exercises to optimise recovery.

Follow up treatment sessions –

  • Up to 45 minutes – £54.00
  • Up to 60 minutes – £64.00
  • These will be tailored to the problems presenting, and will include revision / progression of the treatment plan and exercises if required.

Virtual appointments are also available at the same rates.

Home visits can also be arranged:

  • Initial assessment visit – £107.00 – up to 70 minutes
  • Follow up treatment visits – £94.00 up to 60 minutes

If you would like to book an appointment or discuss if treatment may benefit you, please call or text – 07789 882074.

Alternatively email –